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Morgan Kilmister

Morgan is the eldest Kilmister sister and her role in the business is simple—crunch numbers & build relationships with clients in order to help them achieve their health & fitness goals.
Morgan completed a 4 year Bachelor of Health, Sport & Human Performance Science. Alongside this she has also acquired some valuable experience working within the industry.

Her strong work ethic, passion and caring nature towards others is why she is confident Whole Nutrition will offer a top-tier service. She is so looking forward to working with her sister to build a one of a kind business.

Brooke Kilmister

Brooke is the younger Kilmister sister and has a bit going on! She's an NZ rower, part time student and now business co-owner! She's a real people person and loves helping others. She's passionate about balance & thinks it is the foundation to a fulfilled life.

When Brooke isn't rowing, she is dedicating all her time to making Whole Nutrition the most premium nutrition business in New Zealand. Her role is pretty much everything and anything admin.
About Whole Nutrition NZ

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